Add quick surveys to website

Easily add pre-sale surveys, post-sale surveys, feedback surveys, and more to your website.

Collect feedback and ideas from your site visitors

Using slide-in quick surveys, you can allow site visitors to provide feedback, concerns, and ideas as they use your site.

Unobtrusive and quick

LiteSurveys are small slide-ins that appear in the corner of a user’s browser. So, they can easily take the time to answer them when they can without it stopping what they are doing.

Example LiteSurveys popup in the lower right corner of the screen.
Example LiteSurveys post-sale popup survey in the lower right corner of the screen.

Create many different kinds of surveys

With LiteSurveys, you can create surveys including:

  • Pre-sale surveys
  • Post-sale surveys
  • Experience surveys
  • and more!



  • 10 survey submissions per month
  • 1 active survey
  • 1 question type
  • 1 design theme

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