Learn From Your Site Visitors

Easily hear from your users by adding pre-sale surveys, post-sale surveys, feedback surveys, and more to your website.

Collect feedback and ideas from your site visitors

Using slide-in quick surveys, you can allow site visitors to provide feedback, concerns, and ideas as they use your site.

Conduct User Research

Using LiteSurveys small slide-in survyes, users can quickly provide information about who they are or what they are looking for.

Identify Pain Points

Adding in quick surveys during the sales funnel allows site visitors to provide feedback about concerns and issues.

Get Marketing Insights

Using surveys at key points during the user experience can provide details about the user’s decisions and thoughts which can influence your copy and strategy for your marketing efforts.

Horizontal bar graph with the 4 social platforms a site visitor uses the most. Shows Twitter as the most used.

Quickly analyze responses

Analyze how site visitors are responding to your surveys. View a variety of charts and visualizations for each survey as well as viewing each response individually.

Create your first survey within minutes. No coding required!

Quickly create a variety of different surveys using our survey builder or choose from a wide range of survey templates to get you started.

Features that let you create the right surveys

Question type variety

Select from over a dozen question types including drop downs, open answer, and more.

Analyze results

Easily see how individual site visitors respond but also analyze how all site visitors are responding.

Control timing

Some times, you may want the survey to open after a few seconds and other times you may want to wait until the site visitor is about to leave the site. LiteSurveys has many options available for controlling when the survey appears.

Target specific pages

Instead of having your survey appear on your whole website, you can show it only on specific pages.

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